Ancient Ideas: India and Rome

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People have differences in the way they think about the world around them, and one will find that their surrounding society has the same mindset. While this concept itself is interesting to ponder, what is even more interesting to wonder about are the relations between two different societal perceptions. When comparing Ancient Rome to Ancient India there are a lot of differences, and while it is impossible to answer which is the “better” way of thinking, it is still intriguing to see how these ideas affected the society.


Rome was a civilization of thinkers. With men like Cicero and Seneca, there is no doubt there would be many questions brought up. In fact, the type of philosophy they followed is referred to as a “skeptic” way of thinking. Questions are seen as ways to learn more and to have a better understanding of the world and life. Zeno, a Greek philosopher, founded Stoicism, a way of thinking that strongly influenced Roman philosophers. They believed in questioning, but also in balance.


In contrast to Roman philosophy, Indians viewed life in a way of acceptance rather than excessive questioning. In fact, one of the most popular branches of thinking was that of the Upanishads. Taught by Sage Yajnavalkya, people practiced self-realization and meditation while studying the Bhagavad Gita, an acient Hindu text. The way of thinking in many parts of Ancient India were based upon conciousness and understanding of their surroundings, and these ideas are known to greatly influence the religions of Hinduism and Buddhism still to this day.


It is apparent there are very different ways of thinking and various situations that come from from these philosophies. It is also interesting to think about how both of these ways of thinking has so strongly carried on to influence aspects of our lives today. Roman philosophies affected several civilizations to this day on the way we run government and think about the way things “should” be done; however, Indian philosophy has had an equally great impact with Hinduism and Buddhism. No matter the seperation in the idea behind the action, both ancient civilizations, Indian and Roman, has had a huge impact on the world we know today.

Sydney Morris


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