Sneak Peak: Kashmir-iBook

Kashmir is mostly known as the showplace of a never-ending conflict between India and Pakistan. When people think of Kashmir they picture military, guns and danger, not snowy mountains, beautiful, quiet lakes and peaceful valleys. When we just awoke in our Houseboat in Srinagar on the second morning, our boat was already surrounded by 6 vendors on little boats, trying to sell us a variety of different things, ranging from flowers, over hats to tiny, wooden boxes. This signifies how seldom travelers come to Kashmir nowadays and it has harmed the people much more than it has their own government. However, the effects of this war, except of the increased presence of military as well as the decreased tourism, are by far not as present as media portrays it. While hiking through the Himalayas, we saw nothing but mountains, rivers, valleys, forests and from there and then a few gipsy huts erecting out of the ground.

Get pumped for an interactive iBook with lots of photographs, videos, articles and individual student stories about our latest adventure to Kashmir!


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