Women: Chivalry and Bushido

Chivalry and Bushido, two concepts that are constantly compared, have very different perspectives on women and the role females should play in society.



© Hannah Cho Photography

I am a lady, elegant, fair, and poised. I am a prize to win. Though respected by men, I am not seen or deemed an equal to them. I am put onto a pedestal. Generally, I must stay in a secure location as my safety is of utter importance. I enjoy and am skilled in literature and music.

Parties of the opposite gender seek my approval. While the men of my time were barbarous, chivalry seeks to ensure my comfort.  Though that aspect made it hard to eventually be seen as an equal in society.

Chivalry “puts God, honor, and mistress above all else, and stipulates that a knight shall serve these three without any reservation.”

I am doted on.

Once something has been engrained into society, it is extremely difficult if not impossible to breed out.



© Camara Colombo Japonesa de Comercio e Industria

I am banished to manage the home, utterly domesticated. Yet, I am principled into being emotionally detached. I learn at a young age how to manipulate weapons, repress feelings, and the code Bushido. I become my own “body guard,” knowing the exact location in where I would need to cut if my honor is at risk of being taken.

Yet, I am skilled in music, dancing, and literature. My culture does not ignore the beauty to education and the plethora of benefits that a wide spread of talent can lead to.

I also take on the responsibilities at home. My life is sacrificed to further benefit the most prominent man in my life, whether it is my father, my husband, or my son. I am here to service them.

Once something has been engrained into society, it is extremely difficult if not impossible to breed out. 

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