What if there was something still relatively untouched in the discussion of rights? Do you know anyone, or have you experienced anything like this?

While the words Ableism and Disabilism is used in the disability rights community, there is still very little unity between the two factions, and what still is not discussed is the social discrimination (ostracization, bullying) and emotional effects a medical condition can have.

The conversation starts here: wearehumantoo.org

Transcript: What if where you are today, who you are, was determined, before you were even born?
What jobs you could go into, how people view you, the confidence level you have?
And this is not about the color of your skin, or what gender you are…..

My name is Yada, and I was born with atopic dermatitis.
Atopic dermatitis is a chronic disease which results in itchy skin, rashes, and scaly patches. It’s not contagious, but most don’t even care to ask.
I’m a dancer and a writer, but growing up, people didn’t see that. What they saw, was my skin, which was only what I looked like and not who I was. My life was filled with stares, and people asking, “What’s wrong with you?”
It hurts to be viewed as if I wasn’t human, for something that I didn’t choose to be born with.
And If this is what life is like with a skin deep condition, what is life like for people with mental illnesses and more serious physical conditions?
But it doesn’t have to be this way.


-Yada P.


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